PET Plastic

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The three main purposes of recycled plastic are direct reuse, use as a raw material for the manufacture of new products, and conversion as fuel or as new chemical products.

Types of plastics

  • PET
  • HDPE
  • ABS
  • PP


  • Recycled Clear Bottles
  • Clear Washed Flakes
  • Clear rPET sheet
  • RPET Food Grade Pellets


  • Recycled Green Bottles
  • Washed Green Flakes

  • Recycled Washed Clear Flake
  • Recycled Washed Clear Flake 2mm-4mm
  • Recycled Washed Green Flake
  • Clear Sheet film
  • rPET Pellets IV0.68 NFG
  • rPET Pellets IV0.77 FG
  • rPET Pellets IV0.84 FG

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