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About us

About us and our history

"We believe in giving it another life"

Our goal is to be a recycling center for all non-organic waste generated by our society, providing efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly solutions for recycling.


This is how we have achieved


of recycling in Honduras is through the collection of plastic.

14 thousand Tons

monthly of recycled material generating about 10 million dollars monthly.

Everything we do started to create something from nothing… Seeking to recycle and give another life to the different types of waste that were in our environment, on March 21, 1994, we started recycling aluminum, soft drink and beer cans. We were three people, a truck, and a compactor who quickly saw how recycling was not only an environmental solution, but also an economic and social one, where through collection thousands of people could have an opportunity to improve their economic conditions, regardless their gender, social status and educational level.

Currently, Invema is the largest recycling company in Central America, giving another life to all types of plastic, metal, cardboard, paper, electronic and battery waste. Thus generating direct employment for more than 500 people and around 20,000 suppliers who are dedicated to waste collection between Honduras and El Salvador.


Corporate responsability

Committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

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Safety is priority

Committed to complying with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.

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